Medical Uniforms

Modern fabrics that fit great.

Sew Perfect Uniforms is a trusted supplier of medical uniforms for businesses and schools all throughout Southern California. The quality of our medical uniforms make us a leader in the garment industry.

We manufacture custom scrub tops, scrub bottoms, scrub sets, and much more.

Quality in every stitch

When your office or school partners with Sew Perfect Uniforms, you can count on us delivering you high quality uniforms each and every time you order.

American made

Sew Perfect Uniforms provides you with American made patterns for your medical uniforms.

Relationship focused

Supplying your business or school with scrubs and medical uniforms is one thing. Making you a partner with us is another. When you work with Sew Perfect Uniforms, you can take control of your sales while receiving incentives for doing business with us.

Easy ordering process

When you place an order to Sew Perfect Uniforms, you can count on your scrubs or medical uniforms being professionally packaged and labeled. This makes bulk orders simple and easy.

Our ordering process is made to put schools and businesses back in charge of their medical uniform program.

How it works:

1. Compile appropriate patterns and styles

This is where you will get to select from a catalog, the materials and colors your business or school would like for their medical uniforms.

2. Designed & Cut to Perfection

Our team will take the patterns and materials you have selected and manufacture beautiful and comfortable medical uniforms, based on the styles of uniforms that you have approved.

3. Constructed In Our Shop

Sew Perfect Uniforms handles the manufacturing of your modern medical uniforms from beginning to end.

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Other Services

Uniform Customization

Are you looking for your medical uniforms to include an extra pocket or another sort of functionality improvement? We can take care of it!

Modern Materials

Are you looking for a material that breathes and offers a comfortable stretch-fit? Look no further. Sew Perfect Uniforms has all the sports and active-wear medical uniform materials that medical professionals crave.


Sew Perfect Uniforms uses high quality embroidery machines to embroider just about any school or business’s logo.

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We would love to talk to your school or business about the benefits of partnering with Sew Perfect Uniforms. Please contact us using one of the methods listed below, or fill out our contact form to reach us through our website.

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